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Legal protection of your interests

Solving any problems in the field of family law in Kyiv, Lviv and throughout Ukraine at an affordable price


We have been protecting the rights and defending the interests of our clients since 2009. We deal with cases of any complexity


Our firm has been among the top 10 family law firms since 2017


We have developed a multiskilled chat-bot for you, which can even collect alimony!


Legal services has become even more accessible due to out emergency hotline


Our firm has launched a series of webinars which enable to analyze and assess the most frequent controversial situations in the area of family law

When should you use our services?

Our firm provides legal assistance and legal support
Do you want to start divorce proceedings, but you have no idea how to properly protect your rights against the moral pressure of your spouse?
Property settlement
How to divide your property and debt? How to prove that you had any separate property before you got married?
Child custody and visitation
Do you have any problems in determining child custody, child access and place of residence?
Non-standard situations
Do you have a complex, non-standard or "losing" case? You don't know where to start from?
Recovery of alimony
How do you calculate the amount of alimony and increase it, if necessary?
Inheritance disputes
What is the right way to come into inheritance? What are the restrictions?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

The way we work

Our expertise and experience will restore justice
Case study
Studying your case in detail, analyzing all the strengths and weaknesses in the current situation
Strategy and tactics
Developing a strategy to protect your rights and interests in the legal framework
More than 120 successful cases in family law

Make an enquire now and our lawyers will provide you with a strategy solving your problem as soon as practicable

About Suprema Lex

Our team will protect your rights in affordable and effective ways

According to expert estimates, our team is among the top 10 family law firms in Ukraine. More than anyone, we know the legal subtleties and nuances of family law cases. In general, family disputes, in addition to material damage, have severe psychosocial consequences.

Our team undertakes to protect your rights and interests. We cooperate with the family mediator, who can help to resolve any conflicts that have arisen. Applying to our firm, you will be protected by the best lawyers in the country.

We appreciate your trust

Viktor Moroz

Managing Partner and Leading Lawyer at Law Firm "SupremaLex"

Наши проекты

Адвокатское объединение Suprema Lex успешно защитило право представительства иностранной авиакомпании в споре с Государственной налоговой инспекцией города Киева по недоимке налога на прибыль на сумму 1 500 000 (полтора миллиона гривен).
Суть спора заключалась в том, что налоговая отказалась признавать иностранную компанию нерезидентом Украины и посчитала применение представительством компании при налогообложении прибыли соглашения об избежание двойного налогообложения неправомерным.
Специалистам АО Suprema Lex удалось в рамках процедуры административного обжалования акта налоговой проверки доказать, что фискалы ошибочно признали иностранную компанию резидентом Украины.
Над проектом работала юрист АО Suprema Lex Юлия Веселовская под руководством управляющего партнера АО Suprema Lex адвоката Виктора Мороза.

Our services

You come in with a problem, we come up with a solution!

Family disputes

  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Recovery of alimony
  • Property settlement
  • Child custody and place of residence
  • Deprivation of paternal rights

Settling documents

  • Marital settlement agreement
  • Marital agreement
  • Statements of claim
  • Commencement of action, if necessary

Assistance in preparing documents

  • Drawing up all the necessary documentation related to family law
  • Drawing up the necessary documents for inheritance
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for adoption or deprivation of parental rights

Legal support

  • Drawing up a marriage contract
  • Legal support in divorce proceedings
  • Development of a list of the matrimonial property
  • Negotiating and drafting an amicable agreement on family disputes and property settlement

Legal representation

  • Legal assistance to establish de facto marital relationships
  • Legal representation in court on property settlement, appointment and recovery of alimony
  • Representation of the client's interests in divorce at the civil registry office
  • Representation of interests in inheritance disputes

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Our work in numbers

We appreciate your choice
Successful family law litigations
Clients had their nerves steady and saved their money thanks to our legal support
Legal assessment and legal advice have been provided

Do you want to ensure reliable protection of your interests? Call now and our experts will help you

More than 16,000 clients have chosen Suprema Lex for 11 years

Do you want to know why?
We guarantee that information on your private and family life is legally privileged and confidential
Our attorneys-at-law, as an emergency legal aid, respond quickly and efficiently 24/7
Experience and capabilities of our lawyers guarantee your rights protection and justice restoration
Individual approach
We take into account all peculiarities of family disputes, we value trust and provide our client with reliable protection

Do you need advice on resolving family issues? Don't hesitate to contact us, we know how to help you!

We have launched a series of webinars

Considering urgent problems and providing legal assistance in family disputes

Invalidity of marriage

Unequal "division" of children
Deprivation of parental rights: pros and cons?
Unequal division of matrimonial property
Legal nuances: how to pay alimony or child support during quarantine
Legal protection for victims of domestic violence

Do you want the reliable protection of your interests? Call now and our experts will help you

Client testimonials

“….I've received my part of the business after the divorce”

Thank you so much for the well-coordinated work of your attorneys-at-law!

Thanks to you, I’ve received my part of the business after my divorce!

“... I will be able to see my child again”

Victor, thank you for your efficient work!

Thanks to your highly-qualified assistance and mediation, I will be able to see my child again!

“...work has been done well at the affordable price"

I have no regrets that I have turned to you on my friends’ recommendation, because the work has been done well at the affordable price.

“…My Vanechka and I have stayed living in our apartment and my husband regularly pays alimony now"

I would like to express my gratitude for your excellent work!

Special thanks to Victor Moroz. It should be mentioned that he has always found the right words of support before serious hearing and we have finally won!

My Vanechka and I have stayed living in our apartment and my husband regularly pays alimony now
Thanks again!!!!

“….defending my right to the car I've bought”

It seemed to me that the divorce would never affect me, but, unfortunately, dreams crashed against the harsh reality …

Thank you for helping me overcome this difficult stage, taking over all the legal burdens and defending my right to the car I’ve bought!


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Questions and answers

According to the Family code, the amount of alimony can be changed. For this purpose, it is necessary to prove in court, on the basis of the documents collected, that the necessary amount for the child maintenance must be greater than that actually paid by one of the spouses.

We advise you to examine the list of properties to be divided between the spouses, and we will help you find a legitimate solution and protect your interests.
The following property is to be divided:
⦁ Housing accommodation, summer house, gardens;
⦁ Land plots;
⦁ Cars, buses, etc.;
⦁ Savings, securities, deposits with banks and other financial institutions;
⦁ Insurance policy purchased from the family budget and insurance compensation;
⦁ Money, living space, transport, etc., burdened with legal or financial obligations;
⦁ Household items purchased during marriage (appliances, electronics, furniture, etc.)
⦁ Everything that was purchased as a professional tool, even if it was bought by one of the former couple (medical equipment, etc.);
⦁ Valuables (jewelry), antiques and spiritual education (books).

The separate property of each spouse is distributed to the spouse who owns it and is not divided. Separate property includes:
⦁ Property owned by just one spouse before the marriage
⦁ Property purchased by one of the spouses for his/her own money (which requires additional confirmation);
⦁ Property inherited by just one spouse;
⦁ Personal items, irrespective of the source of the purchase;
⦁ Rewards for certain merits and distinctions (cash prizes, gifts, cups, etc.);
⦁ Money received as moral damage;
⦁ Insurance payments if the policy was bought with personal money;
⦁ Salary, pension and other personal benefits;
⦁ Winnings, fees, etc., unless a contract has been concluded in the interests of the family

In such a complex issue, you will definitely need a lawyer.

Legal support guarantees that your interests and rights will be protected. We study your case taking into account all the nuances in order to develop a defense strategy. We will help to avoid unnecessary moral trauma and negative emotions via pre-trial dispute resolution. Moreover, we cooperate with the mediator who will help to resolve any conflicts that have arisen.

It is very often the case that people’s actions are emotional at this stage, and this contributes to significant material and moral losses. If you decide on such a serious step as divorce, we advise you to contact a lawyer. We will help protect your rights and avoid possible moral trauma, because we take the biggest hit.

The property division in a common-law marriage has a number of difficulties and has to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. To begin with, it is necessary to prove the existence of a common-law marriage and the duration of their relationship in the event that the parties do not voluntarily acknowledge that they live together. Despite the complexity of the case, we can consider your case and find a better solution to protect your rights.

There is always a way out. It is necessary to apply to the court, where they will restore the term for entering into the inheritance. It is necessary to apply to all heirs in writing with a request to express their consent or objection, with a redistribution of shares or payment of monetary compensation (if the property has been sold by that time). Written consent, requested and received in any way, is certified by the notary in the presence of all heirs.

If you still have any questions, please contact us in order to find out how to protect your interests and avoid any material and moral loss


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